Under Privileged Kids

Underprivileged is a term often used for people lacking a certain right or advantage. Whether it is with respect to education, clean food, and water, general hygiene or some other fundamental rights of all members of a civilized society. This section of society is being thoroughly neglected by the bigger part of our society as they are not providing any business to us. But it's our responsibilities to give them an equal chance to grow. To give these underprivileged people an equal take on their rights, Dreamworth Impressions has taken upon themselves to provide these kids with a fighting chance. By conducting a series of training sessions that allow these kids to learn the basics of image management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and its application. With a mission to provide guidance about living a proper life, Dreamworth has started this journey to reach as many people in the country as possible via its sessions. But they are still a long way from their destination and are getting there one step at a time. They enable people to take responsibility for the situation of these deprived children and motivate people to seek resolution through individual and collective action thereby enabling children to realize their full potential. We enable people to take initiative and take collective action for the welfare of these deprived lots and encourage them too by making them understand the need and making them realise their potential for helping these kids.

Dreamworth Impressions, Dreamworth Impressions, believe that this section of society is being neglected by the bigger part of this civilized society as they are not important enough and moreover it is not going to give them enough credibility. But we cannot run from our responsibilities as a society to give them equal chance to grow.